Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Year Ago... A Flashback

Bernard, our main cast member playing cameraman Damien Pang, called me this morning to say hi. Cos' today a year ago, we officially started the shoot!

I remembered April 4, 2006 clearly. The weather was great in the morning and early afternoon. And then it turned dark, there's thunder and a heavy downpour. We had to call off the shoot after just completing 1 and half scenes. Today's weather is a little like last year's. Fine in the first half but gets dark around 3 pm.

Just remember - if you need bright, sunny weather all day long, don't shoot in April!

Actually, it marks 2 years for Eng Tiong and I since we put pen to paper drafting this story. Juan wasn't kidding when he said it's going to be a marathon. 2 years whizzed by just like that. By far it's been the toughest 2 years of my life. Strangely, I think they are my most well-lived. (Probably means I've aged tons but hey, wrinkles = got character! *wink*)

Right now we're preparing our next trip, this time to the Cannes Film Market in May. We're also starting preps for our film's release in Singapore in the 3rd quarter of 2007. Yes, still have lots more to do... jia you, jia you!