Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hong Kong FILMART 2007

Very excited to be at the Hong Kong Filmart, since it's our first time at this market.

It's very different from Pusan and Taipei. It's much bigger and it's definitely a stars-spotting extravaganza - Asian style.

We've also had a great time meeting and getting to know more people!

Would have loved to close some deals though, but well, seems like most buyers aren't very serious about buying at this market.

Eng Tiong outside Hall 5, where the main film market activities took place.

At the Singapore Pavilion.

At the Asian Film Awards ceremony.

Tony Leung (podium centre), the ambassador of the Entertainment Expo

Andy Lau giving a thank you speech after receiving the Nielsen Box Office Star of Asia Award

The power of Andy Lau... need I say more?

BUT the one getting the most screams... Rain, of course!

At the Singapore Networking Luncheon, Eng Tiong and Jen Nee with Danny Chan, Editor of Asia Image.
(photo courtesy of Marcus & team - thanks!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eng Tiong on "My Paper" Web Portal

Eng Tiong was recently interviewed by the Chinese-language newspaper "My Paper" or "WoBao". He is featured talking about our trials and tribulations of finding buyers for Truth Be Told at film markets.

View trailers of some of the local movies here:

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Final Colour Grading Session

We had our last colour grading session at Digipost last Wednesday. Here's some pictures:

Colourist Azman tweaking the colours for an outdoor scene.

From L to R: Colourist Azman, Director Eng Tiong and DP Amandi (back facing picture) in discussion. I doubt it's over the colours cos' it's pretty much agreed upon & fixed. I think it's over digital cinema encoding issues.

Director Eng Tiong & Online Editor Chris hard at work. Guess why are they so serious? What else but the time code! They are doing a final check to make sure that in/out timecodes are correct cos' we're breaking the movie into 5 different "reels". What for? For transferring the movie to film. Each reel must not be more than 20 minutes cos' that's how long a reel of film is. We're also checking the timecodes very carefully as the sound is done separately. So when we put the images together with the audio, whether on film or as a D-Cinema digital version, the audio is in-sync with the image.

Whether you love or hate the colours you see in the final movie, the culprits - Colourist Azman, Director Eng Tiong and DP Amandi.

Oh, and erm... moi the Producer too!